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Timbercombe Drone Video Tour

Timbercombe Drone Video Tour

Timbercombe Drone Video Tour

Timbercome Interior Tour

Farm drone tour

Interior Tour


In addition to interior & exterior photography we have expanded our portfolio to include video tours, which have proved very popular as a way to remotely view a property, or to show off features that benefit from a moving perspective. We offer many levels of video tour depending on your needs and what can be achieved with the property. 

Prices & Info:

We have the ability to shoot video in the air (drone) as well as the ground with our specialist equipment to provide bespoke virtual tours. 

We offer tours starting from a simple drone flyover of your land, to a full video tour that includes drone, ground level exterior video and an internal video tour. Below are some examples of the different levels of video we can provide, prices start from £200.00, travel not included.

If you’re interested in booking a video tour of your property, please contact us, as we can discuss a quote based on your video and other photography needs.

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